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Frey Ranch Complete Collection With Single Barrel Bourbon

Frey Ranch Complete Collection With Single Barrel Bourbon

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Order the Frey Ranch Four Grain Bourbon Collection! Included is 750ml bottles of our signature Straight Bourbon, Straight Rye Whiskey, and Single Barrel Bourbon.

Individually and collectively, women are a powerful force - we are makers, doers, creators, leaders, business owners, change agents and multi-taskers. Every day, women in the spirits industry are making history and inspiring the next generation. This Frey Ranch Single Barrel Whiskey was selected by Ashley Frey and other women in the spirit industry to celebrate Women’s History Month in March. With tasting notes of butterscotch, coffee ice cream, and fruitcake, this barrel is a delicious addition to our Distiller’s Reserve Collection!

We offer our Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey at cask strength for the ultimate flavor experience. This means the bourbon comes straight from the barrel and no water is added. 

BARREL 1107 | PROOF 136.64 | ABV 68.32%

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