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Frey Ranch Single Barrel Bourbon Selected by Barreled Up

Frey Ranch Single Barrel Bourbon Selected by Barreled Up

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Our Farm-Grown Grain Whiskeys, Straight from the Barrel.

This bundle includes a bottle of Frey Ranch Single Barrel Bourbon selected by Barreled Up. 100% sustainably grown, malted, distilled, matured, and bottled on the Frey Ranch. We taste through every whiskey barrel as it comes to age and specially select those that stand out with unique flavors and textures. Born with exceptional characteristics, these barrels are bottled at cask strength to highlight the grains that we grow right here on Frey Ranch.

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Barreled Up selected Barrel #1309

Proof: 136.58 | Tasting Notes: Dried Rosemary, Rancio, Cloves, Dry Sherry